Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Warner Bros

Filming for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is underway in Detroit, US and while several on-set images featuring Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavill as Superman have leaked online, fans are still waiting to get a proper glimpse of Batman in action. Well, here's some development on that front.

Reportedly, a scene featuring Batman and the new Batmobile was filmed this week and a Batman on Film source was able to share the scene description:

"There is filming taking place on a seaside port at night. It seems as if The Batmobile has and will be involved. A chase scene has been filmed that included a lot of stunts. A Batman stunt double was used to film a scene that had Batman standing on the top of a 40+ story crane. Most of this shooting has been stunt double heavy," said the source.

The report further stated that the set - both on the soundstages and on location - is on "lock down" and security is extremely tight. Lots of things shot on location have been filming super-secretly and at locations where they can pretty much totally control what the public can see.

The source also shared another key detail by revealing that Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) is not bald (as the original look of the comic book character). Apparently, he has hair but not the bright red as earlier rumours have suggested.

Here's an image on Eisenberg with a fan on the sets of the film. Could this really be his look in the film? Or is The Social Network actor wearing a wig to keep his Luthor look a secret?