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US-based startup Batteroo promises that its Batteriser device can extend battery life by 800% Batteroo

A new device that claims to extend the life of conventional disposable batteries by 800% has been developed by a US start-up.

Batteriser is the creation of the Silicon Valley-based firm Batteroo and comes in the form of a reusable stainless steel sleeve that slips over a range of battery types from AAA to D.

"Batteroo is the first to unleash existing unused power from a seemingly powerless battery, and by extending battery life by up to eight times, Batteriser pays for itself with the very first purchased pack," said Bob Roohparvar, co-founder of Batteroo.

"Why throw away perfectly good batteries, or waste money buying new batteries, when we now have a technology that saves money, saves energy, and can cut the number of batteries that end up in landfills by more than half."

batteroo batteriser batter life extension
Batteroo claims the Batteriser has been proven to work on TV remote controls and other household gadgets Batteroo

According to Batteroo, the $2.50 (£1.65) Batteriser works by tapping into the wasted energy that electronic devices do not register. Specific details on the technicalities of how this is achieved are scant, however.

A press release outlining the innovation describes it as similar to the way "a drinking straw allows us to reach the bottom of a glass". The firm is yet to respond to a request for more information from IBTimes UK.

"When we get a new battery it is 1.5 volts, when we use it in a device it goes down to 1.3 volts under load condition, at that point we consider it to be dead and throw it away," said Kiumars Parvin, a professor of physics at San Jose State University.

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The stainless steel Batteriser is less than 0.1mm thin and reusable Batteroo

"We tested the Batteriser sleeve in our lab and we confirmed that the Batteriser taps into the 80% of energy that is usually thrown away."

Batteroo hopes to launch a crowdfunding campaign later this month to help bring the Batteriser to a commercial audience, with plans to begin shipping in September.