Shanghai wildlife park
Animals at the Shanghai wildlife animal park

A three-year old black bear was mauled to death by a pride of Siberian tigers after it ventured into their zone at the Shanghai Wildlife Park in the Pudong New Area on Monday afternoon (11 August).

The attack on the unsuspecting bear took place in front of visitors to the park and was captured on video by a member of the public who then uploaded it online.

The park's officials said that the bear had only just been moved into the bear zone of the park.

"The bear was frightened for some reason and ended up running into the tiger zone," Ni LI, a park official told Shanghai Daily. She however said that it is unclear what had frightened the bear.

The newspaper said one of the photos showed the bear standing beside a sightseeing bus which was passing through the gate to move from the bear area to the tiger zone.

It was the last time the bear was captured on the park's security camera, it said, noting that the cameras failed to capture what happened as it was blocked by the passing bus.

It is believed that the bear must have ventured into the tiger zone when the gate was opened for the tour bus to pass. There are two iron gates separating each zone for each animal species at the park.

The park, which has about 30 black and brown bears, said it will install more surveillance cameras to prevent further incidents.