The CES show in Las Vegas never fails to showcase some of the most bizarre inventions in consumer technology - and with a smart belt which automatically slackens after a big meal, this year is no exception.

Made by French startup company Emiota, the Belty uses an array of sensors to track your movement, nudges you when it thinks you've sat still for too long, and automatically slackens if you've eaten too much.

A gyroscope and accelerometer help to track how active you are each day, and this data is sent wirelessly to an accompanying smartphone app which keeps count of everything you do; the app also pushes out suggestions of how you could be more active and healthy in real time, depending on what you do.

The buckle of the Belty contains a collection of motors which let the belt expand or tighten based on your waist size - so apart from handily slackening after a big meal, it can also adjust gradually over the years, saving you the need to buy a different sized belt.

Wearable technology will be big business in 2015 - and we expect many more fitness trackers to flood in from CES this week - but it remains to be seen for now if the Belty is a headline-grabbing gimmick or a genuine look at the future of smart clothing.

Emiota hasn't announced a price for the Belty, but tells Mashable it is intended to be a "high-end product" so will likely have a price to match.

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