The Man of Steel sequel might not be the only film featuring Ben Affleck as Batman. The actor might just don the Batsuit in other films which plan to take forward the Batman franchise.

According to a report in Metro, Affleck has been tipped to star in solo Batman films. Bill 'Jet' Ramey, a writer for Batman On Film, said his 'fingers and toes' were crossed that Affleck would continue playing the superhero after Batman vs Superman.

He said, "I don't think he'll play Batman forever. If I had to guess, I'd say 5: Batman vs Superman, 3 solo Batman films, and another DC team-up movie."

Talking about director Zack Snyder upcoming film, Ramey said that it is primarily a Superman film which just happens to include Batman and Wonder Woman. According to him, the film's focus will be on Superman.

Ramey also confirmed Lex Luthor's presence in the film as the main villain but refrained from disclosing details about the second antagonist: "I'm not at liberty to reveal the ID of the other villain at this time...but the character is highly rumored to be in the film," he said.

The writer also claimed that Wonder Woman's role (played by Gal Gadot) will have a similar substance as Black Widow's part (Scarlett Johansson) in Iron Man 2.

"I believe that it's a cameo-plus type of role that will (hopefully) serve as a springboard to a solo Wonder Woman movie," he added.

Meanwhile, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson confirmed his meeting with Warner Bros and DC Comics and put out a tweet that indicates his inclusion in the upcoming superhero film.

The Rock shared the news with his Twitter followers but kept tight-lipped about what film it was for.

As per the Metro report, Johnson has long been rumoured to be starring in a DC Comics film with speculation in the past that he would be playing Black Adam and Lobo.

However, now it remains to be seen whether he will play Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel sequel or a different character in an altogether new film.

Batman vs Superman is out on July 17, 2015.