Britain's Prime Minister Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron Reuters

People claiming jobseeker's allowance have come under fire after Prime Minister David Cameron announced a plan on Tuesday to cut the benefits of those who do not learn English.

David Cameron and Work and Pensions Secretary Minister Duncan Smith are to target 70,000 people who are unable to get a job due to their language problem.

On his visit to Brixton, Cameron said: "We are getting rid of the old idea that you can get your welfare without conditions being put on that. We are saying that if there is something you need to help you get a job, for instance, being able to speak English and learn English properly, it should be a requirement that you take that course, do that study in order for you to receive your benefits".

Duncan is going to set up a universal credit to simplify the benefits scheme. A Work Programme will make it difficult for people to spend a life on benefits.

The new plan will allow Jobcentre advisors to call people for training, who they think are struggling with the language to get the jobs.

The jobseekers will have to attend English language training courses. However, if they refuse to attend the class, their benefits will be stopped.

Cameron pointed out that a reform package under Welfare Reform Bill had its second analysis on Tuesday and it would help form "the biggest back-to-work programme, which has been existing in the UK since 1930s"

The new rule is going to hit many Bangladeshi women who have not learned English. People from East Europe and Arab countries are also going to feel the heat as they are struggling with the English language.