Just a week out of office, Silvio Berlusconi returned to an early love, music, by releasing a new CD with longtime collaborator Mariano Apicella, a Neapolitan guitarist and singer, reports said.

The billionaire media tycoon and three-time Italian premier didn't sing on the new CD, but co-authored all 11 songs.

The album includes jazz arrangements and romantic love songs. It is the fourth CD released by Berlusconi in collaboration with Apicella.

"I think that with his great experience he will be able to write very good love songs," said Maria Grazia Merilli, a tourist from Florence near a store in Rome where the CD was on sale. "No, absolutely, I would never buy it," she told The Telegraph.

"I don't like him either as a politician or as a songwriter," she added.

Berlusconi resigned the prime ministership on Nov. 12, failing to handle the Italian debt crisis. He failed to implement economic reforms that could attract European partners and markets to bail out Italy.

In addition, accusations have been made by prosecutors over his alleged paid sex with a Moroccan teenager which further led to his declining image. Berlusconi had denied all the allegations. The trial is under way in Milan.