Bernie Sanders
A supporter of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders attends a campaign event in Chicago, Illinois, September 28, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young
  • Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders makes his second stop in Massachusetts in Boston on 3 October.
  • Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont, has given Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton a run for her money in several states. The latest poll from the Pew Research Center shows Sanders trailing Clinton 45-24. However, an Iowa Caucus poll by Gravis shows a much smaller gap, 39.5% to 30.6% for Sanders.
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And that's a wrap. Sanders left a huge crowd that was energetic and excited for his campaign. Many appeared to be college students, many of whom may be voting for the first time next year.


Sanders wrapping up his speech to loud chants of "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!"


"Guns should not be in the hands of people who should not have them," Sanders says after offering his condolences to the victims of the OCC shooting in Oregon. Sanders has been criticized and questioned on his seeming position change when it comes to gun control. He also discusses mental health care, saying there needs to be a revolution.


"We cannot turn our backs on them," says Sanders on the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US. Says he will not allow a whole group to be called rapists and drug criminals, referring to Republican front-runner Donald Trump's candidacy announcement speech.


On police brutality: police officers are hardworking but when they break the law, they must be held accountable. Says job is to demilitarise police and general overhaul of justice system.

Bernie Sanders Boston
Senator Bernie Sanders tackles student debt and and corruption on Wall Street during his rally in Boston, Massachusetts on 3 October. Nicole Rojas/IBTimes UK


Sanders's anti-Wall Street and anti-Citizens United talking points drawing applause for him and boos for his subjects. "Today the American political system has been corrupted," the 74-year-old says.


Senator Sanders takes another shot at the GOP, saying that candidates and their focus on "family values" is their way to control women's bodies, deny "our gay brothers and sisters the chance to marry" and deny paid maternity leave.


The Democratic candidate says US should fund more on jobs and education than on jails and incarceration. Moves quickly onto low wages in the US, which he says "nobody can survive on." He adds that US needs to recognize that $7.25 an hour is a "starvation wage" and advocates for a "livable wage" of $15 an hour.


Sanders says he asked an economist to do a study on "real unemployment" on high school graduates in the workforce. Numbers, by race:

  • White: 33%
  • Hispanics: 36%
  • Black: 51%


Sander's says his campaign will continue to reach out to working class Republican voters, who he says continue to vote against their best interest.


Crowd goes wild as Sanders takes to the stage. "Thank you Boston," the Senator says. He begins his speech by discusing super PACs and donations to his campaign. Sanders says to thunderous applause: "I don't have a super PAC. I don't want a super PAC, and I don't need a super PAC."

Bernie Sanders Boston
Senator Bernie Sanders is greeting by thunderous applause in Boston on 3 October. Nicole Rojas/IBTimes UK


Sanders's campaign brings in a nursing student from UMass Boston, who is discussing growing student debt in the US. Sanders has campaigned on providing tuition-free public higher education. "Everyone in this country who studies hard should be able to go to college regardless of income," his website states.


Next speaker is Boston Carmen's Union President James M O'Brien, who is speaking against Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican. O'Brien is also discussing the ongoing work on the MBTA's T system.

Like Higgins, O'Brien is touting Sanders's anti-billionaire campaign.


First speaker of the night: Karen Higgins, the co-president of National Nurses United. Higgins calls Sanders, "The first president for the 99%".


Over 10 minutes into the official start of the rally, and the crowd is pumped. Sanders's national press secretary Symone Sanders is preparing everyone for the rally to really begin.


We're live from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center where an enthusiastic crowd is eagerly awaiting Senator Bernie Sanders's arrival.

Bernie Sanders Boston
Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders eagerly await his arrival minutes before a rally at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on 3 October 2015. Nicole Rojas/IBTimes UK