Thanksgiving plans rarely ever go smoothly. It's important to do a little bit of unwinding every now and then to keep Turkey Day spirits alive and well. These movies will surely do the trick.

Thanksgiving is one of the most high stress situations, annually speaking. There's so much to do and organize-inviting and confirming attending family and friends, making sure that everyone's schedules are accommodated, prepping and cooking, etc.

Sometimes it's just easier to forgo the whole thing and indulge in a little bit of escapism through movies. has published 5 of the best alternative films best suited for Thanksgiving:

"ThanksKilling" (2009): As the title suggests, this movie is classified under horror-comedy. And as the title suggests it's really bad in the category of "so bad, it's good." "While on their way home for Thanksgiving break, five college kids run afoul of a homicidal turkey that wants them dead. As the cursed bird hunts them down one by one, the survivors scramble to find a way to defeat the possessed creature," Rotten Tomatoes probably nailed it when they described the movie.

"Tadpole" (2000): This rom com comes in the vein of "I-have-an-attractive-stepmom-and-I-want-to-do-something-about-it" territory. A not so typical romp that is sure to make your Thanksgiving lighter.

"The House of Yes" (1997): Parker Posey stars in this dark comedy about a young lady who believes herself to be Jackie O. and has murderous inclinations when her brother arrives home with his fiancé. Clearly, this is a movie well suited for Thanksgiving-who hasn't felt a bit of rage when uninvited guests come over?

"Alice's Restaurant" (1969): The only way to describe this movie is a Thanksgiving surrealist fantasy. This is for anyone who has ever had a Thanksgiving that's too bizarre for words.

"Nobody's Fool" (1994): The Paul Newman classic is so filled with tender and authentically touching moments that it's hard not to see yourself in place of this movie's never-do-well protagonist.

Whether you choose all or only a few from this list, you'll sure make a tradition out of watching these movies come Turkey Day.