The Big Bang Theory season 9 will premiere on 24 September on CBS, and filming for the upcoming instalment has begun.

Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler, has shared a few behind-the-scenes pictures with her co-stars, and also teased a few plot details about the upcoming season.

Bialik also gave us a few teasers about the premiere episode of The Big Bang Theory season 9 in her blog

"Season 9 picks up literally less than 24 hours after Season 8 ended. So we will deal with everything you saw in the season finale: Leonard and Penny going to Las Vegas to get married, and Amy taking time off from Sheldon," the actress wrote.

Bialik also discussed Sheldon and Amy's break-up and dished about her return as a regular cast member.

"I got asked a lot this summer if I am coming back to the show," Bialik wrote, and added, "Of course! Just because my character needed 'time off' from Sheldon doesn't mean we are broken up, and it certainly doesn't mean I am not coming back as a cast member."

She also teased that the season 9 opener will be a funny episode. "It's a very funny episode. It doesn't tie everything up in a neat package; our show rarely does that."

"It's a lot of group scenes, and some really good one-on-one scenes as well. Kevin Sussman ("Stuart") is back with some lines that are making me crack up in rehearsal already. It's a great season opener," she added.

The Big Bang Theory season 8 ended on a cliffhanger, with Amy breaking up with Sheldon, just as the last moments revealed that he was planning to propose to her. Sheldon is seen holding an engagement ring, which had been kept away in the top drawer of his desk for an unknown amount of time.

The 39-year-old actress also shared a few pictures on her first day back at the show's sets, one of which is with her co-star Jim Parsons, hinting at Amy and Sheldon's reunion in season 9. In another picture we can see actors Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch, Kevin Sussman, Jim Parsons and Simon Helberg. It has to be noted that lovers Sheldon and Amy are together in the picture, which is good news for "Shamy" fans.

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