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Amy breaks up with Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory season 8 finale CBS

The Big Bang Theory season 8 ended with Amy breaking up with Sheldon, who had a ring and was seemingly planning on proposing to her.

Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny are still headed for Vegas, but they are clearly not on the same page. Things got a little weird when Leonard confessed that he kissed another woman during his time on the North Sea research expedition.

This episode had a lot of great parallels between Sheldon and Amy's relationship and Leonard and Penny's.

But the question is: How will the lead couple work through what's going on in their relationships?

Showrunner Steve Molaro previews Sheldon-Amy sad ending and teases the real reason behind their break-up.

The big bang theory season 8
Sheldon with an engagement ring in The big bang theory season 8 finale CBS

Molaro told The Hollywood Reporter, "We don't know exactly where they are but after five years, I think the answer is in the question. They have been dating, this is the fifth anniversary of their first date, and she can't even get through a make-out session without him thinking about television, so I understand her frustration.

"At the same time, I understand his side, which is: How much faster do you think I can go with this? It's an interesting place for them to be; it seems very real and I think it's exciting that we're shaking things up," he added.

The Showrunner also talks one the questions all TBBT fans are asking, how long was Sheldon planning on proposing?

"I don't know how long he's had that." he teased adding, " I have an idea but I'm not going to tell you! (Laughs)"

"I don't know if the length of time matters so much as the situation where Amy has taken a legitimate step back that he was not expecting. That's really the headline here that we'll be digging into."

The producer also teased that Sheldon will work to win Amy back in season 9

Molaro dished, "I don't know exactly what's going to happen but he's clearly fond of her. I don't think they're done speaking by any means. He's so fond of her, something is going to happen between them, I'm sure."

The Big Bang theory season 8 finale
Will Leonard and Penny marry in Vegas in TBBT season 9? CBS

Speaking about Leonard-Penny wedding in season 9, Moral said, "They're still driving to Vegas but the mood is certainly a little chilly. They're in a very interesting place and we'll find out what happens when they get there."

Will Leonard's confession change Penny's attitude about getting married? Will Sheldon win back Amy ?

We will have to wait till season 9 premieres in fall to find out.