Twins belonging to a Romani Gypsy family who were featured on "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" in 2013 were confirmed dead. The bodies of Billy Smith and Joe Smith were discovered in a tree in Sevenoaks, Kent. A note left behind by the twins allowed their uncle to find their bodies in the wooded area near their grandmother's home. The family claims that the twins took their lives as they lost their battle with depression and cancer.

The twins' family became concerned over their absence and the fact that the brothers could not be contacted over their phones. A note was discovered which had a cryptic message on it. The note stated that the 32-year-old men "wanted it like this" and that they could be found in the woods where they played with their family years ago.

The twins' uncle went looking in the woods near their grandmother's home and discovered them in a tree. Kent police confirmed that they were alerted around 11:34 am on December 28, after the bodies of two men were found in Dibdane Lane, Sevenoaks.

Father son suicide Truax Lane
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding twins, Billy and Joe Smith, are suspected to have had a "suicide pact" resulting in their death. Columbia Police Department

It was known to the family that the brothers had been struggling with depression ever since Joe was diagnosed with cancer. Their cousin, Phoebe Charleen Smith, told The Telegraph that Joe had informed the family that he had an all-clear after chemotherapy. Phoebe stated that Joe might have not told the family the truth regarding his cancer.

The twins, who starred in the reality show, made multiple appearances on television before starting their own landscaping business. While the family knew about the brothers' depression, they tried their best to hide it. Days before they were discovered dead, the brothers were seen singing and dancing at a family wedding.

Billy and Joe's deaths raise concerns over the high suicide rates among travellers and gypsies. National spokesman for Britain's Romani community, Billy Welch, stated that the tragic loss of the twins should act as a "wake-up call" for Romani community members who continue to suffer mental illness in silence.

Police have not deemed the deaths suspicious but the investigation will resume in 2020.