The much awaited N7 challenge "Operation: Resurgence" has finally begun, this weekend, for the Xbox 360 and PC platforms. However, BioWare is still uncertain about the new "Mass Effect 3" multiplayer event proposed for PS3 (PlayStation 3) owners. The only good news is that efforts to resolve multiplayer issues for Sony's flagship console are underway.

For those late entries, "Mass Effect 3" multiplayer events involving reward packs are up for grabs on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms; PS3 owners, for now, have to be patient. There is no real reason for the hitch, other than technical limitations cited by the leading console giant, asserts neoseeker. In a twist to the tale, reports suggest BioWare is pointing fingers at Sony for the delay in implementing multiplayer events on the game console.

Meanwhile, Sony has reportedly said that it is still working with BioWare to fix the technical hitch with the multiplayer event. But, the console giant revealed no further clues about the impending problem. "We are currently working together with EA and BioWare on an implementation to bring Mass Effect 3multiplayer weekends to PS3," Sony spokesperson reportedly told Shacknews.

On the other hand, BioWare seems preoccupied in promoting this weekend event to draw much needed fanfare for the new ME3 multiplayer DLC - 'Resurgence'. Not to forget the ensuing glitches, crashes and bugs that have ravaged the multiplayer DLC, leading to a ruckus among the Xbox 360 and PS3 fans over the past few weeks.

The weekend event - touted as "Bounty Weekend"- is expected to provide a +10 percent experience gain for players on the new DLC maps. Furthermore, everyone who downloads the Resurgence Pack and participates in the weekend event will receive a free Reserves Pack, which holds the key to unlock new DLC alien classes.

In a surprising turn of events for PS3 owners, BioWare asserts Sony's profound demand for new exclusive multiplayer challenges for their console being the key reason for the delayed multiplayer events.

"Sony will not allow us to run the same Multiplayer Challenges on the PlayStation 3 that we run on Xbox 360 and PC," clarifies BioWare hinting at its hapless position, according to neoseeker.

As of now, BioWare seems in a fix, as the creation of new multiplayer challenges require more time, and that is bad news for the PS3 gamers.

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