Once again, Black Friday is upon us. And as stores promise incredible savings and stampede videos flood our social media feed, most people are just sitting back and having a laugh.

This year is no different, so we've compiled some of the funniest bits of Black Friday sales from across the internet. Take a look:

London stores could barely contain the crowds:

Cardiff Uni knew how to have a bit of fun with its students:

Some places offered really enticing bargains:

NASA even got involved with some trivia on black holes.

McDonalds (purposely) forgot to add any deals to their feed.

Cornwall says it won't be having Black Friday until next Tuesday.

Some commuters say Black Friday stampedes are nothing compared to public transport in London.

And plenty of Brits wanted to remind everyone that we don't really take part.

Black Friday deal on Brexit anyone?

Don't forget to check your emails for great deals.

And lastly, a look at how shoppers abroad are getting on.