A fan art imagines Blake Lively as Mera in "Aquaman 2" instead of Amber Heard, who debuted the DC comic book character in the first film.

An Instagram account under the handle @spdrmnkyxxiii shared a concept art of Mera in her aquatic look. But instead of Heard donning on the alluring costume, Lively's face appears looking as if she was meant to play the role too.

The art does a great job of showing that the "Gossip Girl" alum can easily slip into the role of Mera in "Aquaman 2." She looks right for the character. In fact, it would not be a surprise if she was in the running for the role too before Heard got on board. The fan tagged Lively herself on the post and she has yet to respond to the edit.

"I can totally see this happening, great edit," one Instagram user commented. Another wrote, "Perfect casting! Tho @vancityreynolds will probably start a whole DC vs Marvel war in their household."

"She will make a good Mera," another commented and one more wrote, "Get rid of that piece of s-t and bring this incredible woman."

Heard is still locked in to play Mera in "Aquaman 2" despite the number of petitions asking for her replacement or removal from the franchise. The "Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2" petition on Change.org now has over 439,000 supporters out of its goal of 500,000.

Meanwhile, "Fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2" petition has over 21,000 signatures out of 25,000 and "Boycott Aquaman 2 Amber Heard" has 377 out of its goal of 500. There are several other petitions asking for the actress' removal from the movie.

However, Warner Bros. has yet to respond to the petitions or comment on her status on "Aquaman 2." The studio has so far remained mum regarding her employment and how the domestic abuse allegations her ex-husband Johnny Depp filed against her could affect her position in the sequel.

Aside from Lively, fans also eyed "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke to replace Amber Heard as Mera in "Aquaman 2." They reasoned that Clarke and Jason Momoa, who plays the titular character in the DC film, would make a good pair as they have proven in the past.

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