Animal videos are often popular among online viewers so it's no surprise that animals witnessed sneezing have taken the world by storm. In this selection of viral videos, a range of pets and wild animals have captured the attention of thousands, and in some cases millions, of people.

Below is a selection of five of the funniest videos of animals sneezing:

Never Ending Sneezing Bear

A little bear is seen sniffing around a garden before he breaks into a never ending sneezing fit. The bear is so consumed by the sneezing episode that it sends its head shaking in rapid circular motions and almost throws it off balance. The small cub sneezes about 28 consecutive times before it snaps out of the hectic episode. The video has been so popular it has received more than 2.7 million views since being uploaded to YouTube in June 2010.

Cat Has "Epic Sneezing" Attack

A furry feline by the name of Sammy is seen repeatedly sneezing as it sits perched on a chair at a dining table. Sammy's owner giggles after noticing the stint of sneezes and jokes that he was "being rudely interrupted" by an episode of "epic sneezing". The video was uploaded to YouTube in March 2010 and has clocked more than 302,000 views.

Baby Elephant Sneezes

A baby elephant, seen in what appears to be a game safari, is casually walking along a dirt path with two other bigger elephants. As the baby elephant looks on curiously at observing tourists, it sneezes and scares itself in the process, prompting it to scurry across the dirt towards the adult elephants. As it sneezes, the baby elephant emits a small trumpet sound, entertaining onlookers and sending them into fits of laughter. The video has received more than 9.6 million views on YouTube.

Crazy Dog Sneeze

A fluffy dog breaks into a fit of uncontrollable sneezing. The sneezes are so powerful that it vigorously shakes the dog across the room. The dog takes in quick breaths of air, scrunches its nose and sticks its teeth out as it tries to stop the frantic episode.

Baby Panda Sneezes

A baby panda packs a mighty punch with a blasting sneeze. As its mother chews on some food the silence is filled with a shrieking sneeze from the baby panda that echoes through the enclosure. The baby's mother jumps in fright and sits there startled for a few seconds. The clip has taken the world by storm and accumulated more than 125 million views. The people behind the video have even capitalised on the video's popularity and created a dedicated Web site to the sneezing baby panda.