Decentral, creators of the universal wallet Jaxx has integrated of Rootstock's token RSK "Smart Bitcoin" into the suite of software products, which includes ether, Dash and most recently Zcash.

Jaxx will give users an opportunity to access the testnet version of the token, powered by smart contracts secured by the bitcoin network. Rootstock is immediately available on seven of Jaxx's nine platforms, with support for iPhone and iPad expected shortly, according to a statement.

The announcement comes as Rootstock executives took centre stage at laBITconf to officially unveil their platform to the world's leading blockchain experts, fintech innovators and international reporters. The concept of Rootstock is to provide faster bitcoin transactions and larger scalability, with payment confirmations occurring almost instantly.

CEO of Jaxx Anthony Di Iorio said: "Rootstock's platform is a remarkable way to enhance the the efficiency of transactions and in turn, the entire bitcoin ecosystem. We've seen great interest in their project and we are big fans of the development team. Jaxx is thrilled to add the yellow label version of their coin on our wallets, and look forward to adding the main-net version in the coming months."

Rootstock is an evolution of QixCoin, a turing-complete cryptocurrency created back in 2013 by the same development team. Rootstock will facilitate over 300 transactions per second and confirms payments in less than 20 seconds. The platform will combine the capabilities of Ethereum with the security and transparency of the Bitcoin network, using sidechain technology and a merged mining approach.

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, co-founder of Rootstock said: "Rootstock is not new in that it inherits intellectual work from previous projects, but what is new, is the way we create economic incentives and the way we leverage on top of the bitcoin security model. Our partnership with Jaxx is a landmark one for us, because they produce full featured, easy to use wallets on more platforms than anyone else."

The main-net launch of Rootcoin will take place in early 2017.