Surrey Police were handed this bazooka
The bazooka was made safe by the bomb disposal squad Surrey Police

A bomb disposal squad had to be called to a police station in Surrey after a man brought in a Second World War bazooka. He had been gardening when he dug up the device and decided to take it to Reigate police station to dispose of safely.

A bomb disposal team had to be called to the station to ensure the safety of those in the building.

The bazooka shell was used in the war to target tanks but experts were unsure how it ended up in a Lewisham garden.

The man was landscaping, the Surrey Mirror reported, when he came across the shell. The shells were first used by the US army as portable anti-tank weapons for troops on the ground.

In a post on Facebook, Surrey Police said: "You may have seen a Bomb disposal van parked at Reigate nick!

"All is well and no need to worry they have just attended to help with an item brought in to the front counter. In the end it turned out to be a 'WW2 Bazooka training round'.....phew!!"

Speaking about the incident a Surrey police officer said: "Apparently someone found it and decided it would be a good idea to bring it into the nick for us.

"It was found by a workman digging up a garden in Lewisham. He put it in his van and drove it to us as he is local.

"Our advice to anyone would be to call us to attend rather than move such items just in case."

The police also reminded members of the public on their Facebook page that "moving items puts you and others at risk."