#SFpostit - a new social media trend where office workers post messages using post-it notes
#SFpostit - a new social media trend where office workers post messages using post-it notes Julia Machado, @JulsMac24

Just when you thought we'd entered the age of the paperless office, workers in San Francisco have found a novel way to get over Friday afternoon boredom by starting a new social media trend – playing hangman and sending messages by sticking post-it notes on the windows on their office buildings.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, at least four office buildings in the downtown financial district on Second Street between Mission and Market created pictures and messages on office windows and then posted them on Twitter and Tumblr using the #sfpostit hashtag.

The messages ranged from "Hi", "We r hungover", "We're Done" to a message inviting neighbours to a post-it party at a bar after work. Workers also created post-it art depicting Pacman, Super Mario Brothers, the minion from Despicable Me and the official logo of the San Francisco Giants baseball team.

Check out some of the very best works – hopefully this will inspire office workers in the City of London:

Our contribution to #sfpostit! @nyannyancat at @lightt pic.twitter.com/ke1sxf7hGY

— Lightt (@lightt) April 8, 2014

Let the #SFpostit fun continue pic.twitter.com/u8khk8MLrr

— Julia Machado (@JulsMac24) April 4, 2014

If you look closely, the building across from us is playing hangman with us. #sfpostit pic.twitter.com/1VDSRcSl08

— tmanos (@tmanos) April 4, 2014

Meanwhile, in the financial district #sfpostit @postitproducts pic.twitter.com/b6aRRuOg2F

— Mark Karayan (@Mgkarayan) April 4, 2014

#sfpostit pic.twitter.com/vHx07RYDhK

— Dennis Karnitski (@dkarnitski) April 4, 2014

Post It fun at work. #sfpostit #zelda pic.twitter.com/7Z0NOnLTqw

— Jesse McKenna (@leastTheresBeer) April 4, 2014