Fireworks have been let off over the Brazilian senate, after it voted to put President Dilma Rousseff on trial for impeachment. After a 20 hour debate, the senate decided to suspend Rousseff on 12 May, ahead of a full trial.

The president has been accused of using funds from state-run banks to cover government expenses during the 2014 election. The decision to put her on trial was reached after 55 senators voted in favour, with 22 opposed.

The first female president of Brazil, Rousseff was elected to power in 2011. Outside parliament, pro-impeachment protesters could be seen dancing with joy as the news came in. One of them, civil servant Marcelo Pinto, was crying with happiness.

"It is so exciting, all our effort was worth it. There was a lot of suffering, I suffered so much," he said. "I nearly died, but I am fighting for my virtue and my children. I am so happy".