Theresa May may have triggered divorce talks with the EU, but the real Brexit battle will be staged at London's York Hall on Saturday (1 April). Ukip North East MEP Jonathan Arnott and Liberal Democrat activist Toby White will go head-to-head in the historic venue in a chessboxing bout.

The event, organised by the London Chessboxing Association, will see the Brexit rivals take part in three-minute rounds of chess followed by two minutes of boxing.

The rounds alternate until a winner is declared. If neither checkmate or knockout occurs, then the end result of the bout is determined by the judges' scorecards. The competitors are hoping to raise money for the Ally Cadence Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (ACT for SMA) with the match.

Arnott, 36, is a former England Under-21 international chess player. But he is new to the world of boxing.

"It certainly makes a change from my regular travels to Brussels and Strasbourg representing my North East constituents – which is a challenge of a different sort," he said.

Arnott added: "Nobody would ever have expected someone like me to take part in a boxing match, so I'm hoping that will encourage plenty of people to donate to raise money for this worthy charity.

"According to my sparring partners, I'm hard to hit in the ring – just like in politics where my opponents struggle to lay a glove on me. I pack a powerful punch, which will eventually break my opponent's resolve."