Nigel Farage and Alastair Campbell
Farage and Campbell clashed over what Brexit would spell for the UK Good Morning Britain

The former Ukip leader Nigel Farage and former chief of communications for Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, have engaged in a heated argument about Brexit live on Good Morning Britain.

Campbell, editor at pro-Remain newspaper The New European, is a staunch and vocal Remainer.

He argued that the people of Britain are "changing their mind" and suggested they no longer want Brexit.

He commented: "The British people in a democracy, having yes expressed their will on 23 June, have the right to change their mind. And I think they are changing their mind.

"As the Article 50 process starts and they realise that all of the things these guys promised – the money for the health service that Boris [Johnson] run around with his bus, staying in the single market, staying in the Customs Union they've all gone.

"When you actually boil it down, what we're going to get out of Brexit it's a little bit of immigration control, but not much, and it's the European Court of Justice and I defy any of your viewers to name a single European Court of Justice ruling that made them angry."

But this only incensed Nigel Farage who accused him of "loathing democracy" and said that people would still vote for Brexit if they were asked tomorrow.

He said: "The war is over. Come out of that fox hole, recognise it's done. But you're right about one thing – people do have the right to change their minds and they are in a big, big way.

"The last opinion polling I saw said if there was a referendum tomorrow 68% would vote to leave. And millions of people have realised the pack of lies that were told, that our house prices would collapse... the stock market is through the roof.

"Thank goodness the pound is down a little bit, very good news [...] I suggest you have a look at what sterling was five years ago, ten years ago – the pound has been falling for years. The fact it's fallen a bit more, actually for our exporters, is good news."

When asked about how this would affect imports Farage said: "Do you know what that means? We'll start making more things here in this country."

Campbell stuck to his guns by saying Brexiteers have committed "an act of economic and political suicide".

He said: "Global Britain? Is the first step of a global Britain to come out of the biggest market in the world? How does that make any sense at all?"

He added: "I am genuinely worried that we have committed – and you have helped bring about – an act of economic and political suicide and that we are going to go into rapid decline."

Farage replied: "How is it political suicide to make your own laws in your own country? Do you loathe democracy so much? What is wrong with running your own country?"

Campbell insisted: "We're going to be a laughing stock."

Farage said: "You're not going to stop it, it's all over, it's done."

Campbell added: "Brexit can be stopped."

Alastair Campbell is an IBTimes UK columnist.