Brexit campaigner and Justice Secretary Michael Gove has claimed the UK is "embarking on a new chapter", after the country voted to leave the European Union. Britain voted to leave the EU by a margin of 52% to 48% in the referendum on 23 June.

Gove stated: "As we move forward we should be in no doubt that Britain is embarking on a new chapter, but one that is in line with our best traditions. We have always been an open, inclusive, tolerant, creative and generous nation, open to business, open to trade, open to the world. Now we have a new chance to extend that openness even further".

He added: "The British people have given us all a very clear instruction and I know that we in politics will work calmly, co-operatively and consensually to implement that instruction from people. The British people's vote to leave is the start of a process and while that process is ongoing, our existing trading relationships with the European Union and the rest of the world will continue as before."

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he is stepping down after the result. The Conservative leader has said he hopes a new PM would be decided by the party conference in October.

Gove, a cabinet minister, also took time to pay tribute to Cameron. He said: "He has led this country with courage, dignity and grace. He deserves to be remembered as a great prime minster".