This morning (8 December) Fleet Street was abuzz about a deal struck between Theresa May and the EU over the final divorce bill, Irish border and migrant rights – thus paving the way for further talks on Brexit.

A senior British source has revealed the UK will pay a financial settlement estimated at £35-£39 billion (40-45 billion euro) as it leaves the EU.

Ireland's border with the UK had become a major sticking point in negotiations and a previous agreement was scuppered by unionists in Northern Ireland, who were opposed to any move that would see it economically separated from the rest of the country.

The DUP has now cautiously welcomed Whitehall's assurances that the province would not remain in the single market when the UK leaves the EU in 2019, but says there is "more work to be done" on the matter.

Despite the positive signs from most commentators, Pro-Brexit figures have been growing increasingly angry about details, which seem to suggest that the UK could headed for a soft Brexit.

Arron Banks, the Ukip polical donor and pro-Brexit campaigner, is particularly furious about what he claims is a 'betrayal' of pro-Brexit voters.

Nigel Farage also took to Twitter to express his unhappiness over the new arrangements.

Many have poked fun at the Prime Minster who they regard as having given in to almost all of the EU's demands.