A letter written by a British primary school child calling out Justin Bieber for sloppy grammar has gone viral after it was uploaded to Facebook by the child's teacher. In the letter, the child in Cornwall explains that the recurring line 'If I was your boyfriend' is grammatically incorrect.

If the singer was using the subjunctive mood properly, the student points out, the line would have been 'if I were your boyfriend'. The child in question is said to be in year 6 and studying towards the end of Key Stage 2 – meaning the child is between nine and 11-years-old.

Please like/share this letter written by a pupil from my year 5/6 class, in South West Cornwall. They want to see how...

Posted by Louise Williams on Friday, 26 February 2016

The teacher, Louise Williams, says that the child wants to see how far the letter will reach and whether they can elicit a response. She also responded to commentators saying the child himself had made some grammatical mistakes, including some upper case characters which were wrong: "He did realise his mistake. He knows he is only working towards the expected standard for end of Key Stage 2."

Though she said he wasn't much phased by his mistake: "However, he wasn't too bothered...he was going home to play with his Lego Star Wars."

In the letter, the child also says that Bieber, as a "role model" should be able to use correct grammar, especially since other stars like Beyoncé do: "If current performers, such as Beyonce can a write a song using the subjunctive mood correctly, so must you."