Search for alien life remains one of the most intriguing subjects for researchers. For decades, scientists have been looking for proof of alien life. And now, a British astronaut makes a claim that aliens could exist and are probably living among us.

Dr. Helen Sharman made these remarks during in an interview with Observer Magazine. Sharman, 56, is the first Briton astronaut and the first woman to go to space. She visited Mir space station in 1991.

As per the cosmonaut, all sorts of life forms exist in the universe. However, we may not be able to see them. In her statement, she asserted that aliens do exist as different forms of life.

"Aliens exist, there's no two ways about it," Dr Sharman said as quoted. "There are so many billions of stars out there in the universe that there must be all sorts of forms of life.

"Will they be like you and me, made up of carbon and nitrogen? Maybe not. It's possible they're right here right now and we simply can't see them," she added.

Sharman worked as a research and development technologist for GEC in London and later as a chemist before making history. She was the chosen one among 13000 applicants. The mission was known as Project Juno cooperative Soviet Union–British mission co-sponsored by a group of British companies.

In her interview, she talked about her childhood, studies, and her experience as the first Briton to enter space. She often finds herself flustered by people who identify her as the first British woman in space instead of a first British person.

"No one knows if ETs are good guys or bad guys," says Stephen Dick iStock

Having achieved so much so early, she sees how people forget about her achievements. People often refer to Tim Peake as the first official astronaut taking a trip into space even though it happened in 2015, more than a decade after her mission.

In addition, she revealed that there is nothing as spectacular as "looking at the Earth from up high."

"The gloriously deep blue seas took my breath away," she said.