Simon Cowell has offered Britney Spears $10m (£6.3m) to be the third judge in the X Factor reality show, according to

Spears, if she joins, will sit alongside Cowell and L A Reed for the US version of the show.

It could soften the blow of recent accusations that she sexually harrassed her bodyguard.

If Britney accepts, she will be on a par with Christina Aguilera, who judges for The Voice, but will still be $2m below American idol judge Jennifer Lopez's appearance fee.

According to Marie Claire magazine, Cowell, the show's creator, is looking for judges to replace Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul, said: "Are we flattered there would be interest from Britney Spears? Yes."

Britney's fiance, Jason Trawick, is negotiating the deal for her, according to Hollywood Reporter.