Bruce Jenner will reportedly not pose naked for publications after transitioning into a woman.

According to Hollywood Life, the 65-year-old former Olympic star might bare it all for a documentary chronicling his gender reassignment.

"Bruce would pose for a magazine only in clothes. If he were to ever do anything nude he would want to save that for a documentary," an insider told the website.

Bruce's decision to go naked for a documentary was allegedly inspired by the late US actress and comedian Joan Rivers's 2010 documentary, Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work.

The film opens with a close-up of Rivers' make-up free face, exposing dark circles and wrinkles.

"He was very intrigued when he saw Joan Rivers: 'A Piece Of Work', especially the scene of Joan without makeup and it really spoke to him. So if he would ever do anything nude he would want to do it on film to make a point that it is OK to go through transition and that people should live their life unafraid," the source added.

Last year, Bruce checked into Beverly Hills Surgical Center for a laryngeal shave – surgery to reduce the appearance of the Adam's apple – sparking rumours that the reality TV star is transitioning from the male to female gender.

He also allegedly started taking oestrogen and asked to be referred to as "Brigitte".

In February, Bruce's mother, Esther Jenner, confirmed that her son is transitioning into a woman.

It was earlier reported that Bruce wants to be on the cover of Vogue and reveal his gender transition to the world.