It isn't a good thing to point fingers at the BTS, as their ARMY is a force to reckon with. This is exactly what happened with Roman Kemp who is in the list of contestants for "I'm a Celebrity". The radio show host had commented last year that BTS's music is all "noise."

Now the BTS ARMY has Roman Kemp's back! They are now plotting revenge, Metro reports. Kemp who is the host of Capital FM breakfast show said on his show back in 2018: "that noise you were just hearing there' was BTS's music."

Kemp was forced to apologise following the offensive comment on his radio show. There were 60 complaints made against the host to Ofcom.

He had also come under fire for comments wondering whether the fans were there for the band's music or for their looks.

The breakfast show host also came under fire for criticising the ARMY. "It's hard sometimes, because when you get bands like that that create this fandomania... are they there for the music, or are they there for what the kids look like? Especially in the K-pop world, where it's about so much more than the singles they release. For us, it's just the music," Kemp said.

He went on to tell why Capital didn't play any of BTS's records. Kemp added that the time hadn't come and when it would, we will "understand." In fact, he later apologised for the statement.

Unfortunately for Kemp, BTS ARMY isn't so quick to forgive and forget. Is a trial in the jungles in place for the radio show host? Kemp could be in trouble in the jungle for his past comments about BTS.

BTS ARMY took to twitter after Kemp posted a video apologising for past tweets which he has since deleted.

"The comments I have made have been widely twisted and labelled as something that they are not. I will accept 100% responsibility if some of the views I put across has been deemed offensive and to those I can only apologise. No offence was ever meant. It's never my intention to garner negative energy for anyone let alone within the world of music that I love so dearly," he said.

"UK ARMY, Roman Kemp is going to the jungle, vote for him to all the trials because he was ad*** to BTS," posted one user. Another replied: "SKDKSKSDKKDKS justice will be served."

Music group BTS performs onstage during the 2017 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The ARMY was quick to notice BBC Radio 1 host Adele Roberts will also be in the jungle, and praised her for her support for the band.