Shooting has restarted in Bukina Faso' capital Ouagadougou shortly after the army declared on national TV that the interim government had been dissolved. The announcement was made one day after president Michel Kafando and prime minister Isaac Zida were taken hostage during a cabinet meeting at the presidential palace by presidential guard loyal to the previous leader, Blaise Compaoré.

The politicians, along two other ministers, were detained by by the presidential guard, weeks before the country is to hold presidential election on 11 October.

Ludivine Laniepce, a journalist based in Burkina Faso, told IBTimes UK that shooting restarted in the capital. She said: "Some soldiers are just shooting in the city centre. The military said it was a coup. People are just running away. They are looking for a place to protest but there are shootings everywhere."


General Gilbert Diendéré is appointed as president of the newly-declared National Democratic Council.

Grassroots movement Le Balai Citoyen called for popular resistance. The group said in a statement on its Facebook page: "The Nation of Burkina Faso is in danger. We demand the immediate release of the head of the state, the prime minister and ministers arrested.We expect a strong commitment and without hesitation of political forces and the whole of civil society.

We demand that the regular army, the defence forces and security take their historic responsibilities in the face of this armed aggression against the people of Burkina Faso and its institutions."

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