Transaero Boeing 737, Kiev
A Transaero Airline Boeing 737 aircraft at the Kiev International airport in Ukraine. Reuters

The Hong Kong Airport Authority is looking to sell a Boeing 767 that has been grounded on its tarmac for the past eight months. The now defunct Transaero Airlines jet was held at the airport in December 2015 after the airline failed to pay outstanding parking charges. Under Airport Authority Ordinance, the city's aviation department can sell the aircraft to recover the amounts owed.

A spokeswoman for the Airport authority told the South China Morning Post that the aircraft was still currently parked at the airport. She did not give any details on the pending sales arrangements. The newspaper said that the proposed sell-off would be the first time the ordinance would be invoked against a commercial airline.

The newspaper said that Transaero Airlines, Russia's once largest private airline ceased operations in October 2015 under heavy debts. The aircraft took off from Moscow Domodedovo airport and arrived in Hong Kong on 26 October 2015 after the airline's air operating licence was revoked.

Flight UN965 was the airlines' last flight. The Boeing 767 has been left grounded awaiting progress on the winding up of its parent company, the newspaper said.

On 30 June, the Hong Kong Airport Authority made an application seeking the High Court's approval to sell the plane. Proceeds from the sale would be used to pay off the outstanding parking charges. Any left over amounts would go towards settling any other claimants.

So far Russia's flagship airline Aeroflot has announced plans to take over the leases of 16 Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A321 single-aisle aircraft, as well as operate 19 Boeing 747 and 777 wide-bodies which were in service with Transaero.