Cabin Fever
Cerina Vincent in Cabin Fever Lions Gate Films

An upcoming remake of Eli Roth's gory horror Cabin Fever will use the same script as the 2002 original.

Starring Gage Golightly and directed by Travis Zariwny, the film is being angled as less of a remake or reboot and more like the "re-staging of a play".

Speaking to The Wrap, Roth said: "Travis had an amazing vision for my original script, and as a scary movie fan I really wanted to see it. I almost see this like re-staging a play, and I'm excited to see what ideas Travis and the cast bring to it.

"They're all fans of the original and want to make a film that's a new classic and I believe they will."

Cabin Fever was Roth's big break, and told the story of five university graduates (one cliché) who rent a cabin in the woods (two clichés) before being picked off one by one (THREE clichés, ah ah ah) by a flesh-eating virus and murderous locals.

The original film was written by Roth and Randy Pearlstein.

Reboots and remakes are nothing new of course and often arise out of little more than greed, but at the very least the large majority of them attempt to be different in some way from the originals. Scarface and Ocean's Eleven are famous examples, but even lesser and more recent remakes like Robocop or Total Recall were very different.

It's staggering laziness, but having two films made from the same script and being able to see how it is interpreted differently will be interesting for film students to study, so that's something.

The Cabin Fever remake will star Golighty alongside Dustin Ingram, Samuel Davis, Matthew Daddario and Nadine Crocker.