A young family out for breakfast with their child was appalled by what they saw printed on their bill. On the part where the ticket number should be displayed, the words "fam w the terrifying kid" were written. Management extended their apology over their staff's behaviour. However, many regulars to the café have reportedly stopped visiting for their morning coffee.

The mother of "the terrifying kid," Kimberly Sze, claims that she frequently visits the coffee shop. During her previous visits, she had not faced any sort of inconvenience. However, during her meal on Saturday, she was taken aback by how the café staff referred to her two-year-old daughter, Micah.

In a highly unprofessional move, the café staff handed the customer a bill referring to them as the family with the terrifying child.

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The mother of four from Christchurch, New Zealand took to social media to share the disrespectful incident the family faced. After attaching a picture of the bill, Sze captioned the image asking Supreme Coffee to train their staff to be more professional. Her Facebook post also claimed that the café overcharged them and used her child as an excuse to do so.

What the mother found most disturbing was the fact that her child was well-behaved during their visit to the café. According to her post, the café staff had previously called the child "sweet" and "cute" in front of the family.

The Daily Mail pointed out that Coffee Supreme Food and Beverage Manager, Tim Norris, said that he was "incredibly disappointed." Supreme management got in touch with the disgruntled mother and offered her a full refund for the food she left without taking. The management blamed the waiter for entering the disrespectful description instead of the ticket number upon taking the family's order.

Following the incident, Sze posted a picture of her daughter sharing a message for those supporting or criticising her. The caption explained that Sze does not find it necessary to defend her child's behaviour. The action of the Supreme staff was horrible and the management agree with her. She also encouraged people to not boycott the café. Sze said that the café reacted responsibly and took the necessary steps to correct the situation.