Incredible video footage has been released showing a kayaker in California fending off an aggressive Hammerhead Shark with just his paddle. Kayak fisherman Mark McCracken recorded the incident on his GoPro half a mile off Gaviota State Beach, near Santa Barbara.

The footage shows the shark begin to circle the vessel. The 33-year-old construction worker proceeds to fend off the animal by striking it with his paddle whenever it tries to ram the boat.

After the shark appears to give up their attack, McCracken speaks directly into the camera saying, "Pretty sure I just kicked a Hammerhead's ass. I just beat up a shark, how was your day?"

But as McCracken begins to paddle away the animal's fin can be seen in pursuit, with him having to fend off the shark a few more times before he finally made it to shore. "Even after I got out of my kayak and made it to the beach he was sitting right there, it was pretty creepy," he told NBC News.

McCracken proceeded to upload the video to Instagram where he stated:

"I had to hit him over 20 times before he finally gave me some space but still stalked me for a half mile all the way back to shore. Even after I was on shore, he paced back and forth in about three feet of water like he was just waiting for me to come back out. Pretty bizarre and crazy experience to say the least."