naked woman stuck in chimney
Naked woman get stuck in chimney in Woodcrest California @CALFIRERRU via Twitter

A naked woman went to extreme lengths to get her estranged husband's attention by getting stuck in his chimney.

The 35-year-old thought by stripping off her clothes she would make it easier to slide down the 12x12 inch wide chimney in Woodcrest, California.

But halfway down she became wedged and could not move for two hours before she was released by fire crews.

She had tried to get into the home of Tony Hernandez – the father of her three children – but the door was locked.

He tried to rescue her from the roof using an extension cord after hearing her cries for help. But he stopped after he nearly fell off the roof and called the emergency services.

"She said 'I'm trapped in the chimney'. So I tried to get her out but it was too hard", said Hernandez.

Fire fighters from the Riverside County Fire Department punched the walls to gain access to the woman and took pictures of her sooty legs dangling. She was later taken to hospital with minor injuries.