One of the most hotly contested issues facing David Cameron and the coalition government is when, or if, he will set in place a referendum, on Britain's future in Europe?

Speaking to the BBC at the Conservative Party Conference, the prime minister said a vote would be the most sensible way of coming to a new agreement with the EU. He ruled out leaving the EU, saying it was in, Britain's best interests to stay in, but that a new settlement needed to be reached between Britain and Europe which will require fresh consent. As The EU, are starting negotiations for its next budget, which will run between 2014 and 2020.

Meanwhile the bright star of the Conservative party London mayor Boris Johnson was mobbed by the media as he arrived in Birmingham for the Conservative Party conference. Onlookers chanted "Boris! Boris!" as he battled through ranks of photographers to leave New Street station. When asked if he was out to upstage David Cameron he said: "I'm here to support the party."

In a final confirmation that the PM will negotiate the best deal for Britain he said "People in Europe know I mean what I say. They know I'm capable of saying no and if I don't get a good deal, I'll say no again,"

Written and presented by Ann Salter