Camila Cabello took it slow and waited months before making her relationship with Shawn Mendes public. But now that she has fallen deeply in love, she can not stop gushing about the singer in her new song.

In her latest album "Romance" Camila Cabello has written about her new relationship with Shawn Mendes. It reveals the milestones in their love life, including their first kiss. The 22-year-old gave fans a first listen of her upcoming third album during an intimate show in Los Angles on Saturday.

While discussing the album, the "Havana" singer spoke about her first date with Mendes. The "Stitches" singer had confirmed last month that he started dating Cabello on July 4. However, fans c already knew of their budding romance due to viral pictures of the couple kissing passionately in San Francisco, reports People.

Romance is officially done. ❤️

— camila (@Camila_Cabello) October 31, 2019

Introducing the song "Used to This", the former "Fifth Harmony" singer revealed the track is about accepting the idea of actually being in love. Recalling the songwriting, the singer said she was planning to go to San Francisco to visit a boy the next day, presumably Mendes though she does not take the name. But the studio lost power during recording, so she "went to San Francisco to see the subject of the song."

It turns out that the kiss in San Francisco that sent fans into a frenzy about the unexpected romance was indeed the first kiss the couple ever shared. "No, I never liked San Francisco, never thought it was nothing special, 'til you kissed me there," Camila sang the song.

"Basically I had this lyric called, 'It's gonna take me a minute, but I could get used to this,' and the song is basically about like when you're friends with somebody for a really long time, and you know someone for a really long time, and then you start dating them, and then you're like, 'Oh my God, like this is so weird,' 'cause like, you've been my friend forever. But I like it — and I could get used to this," Cabello said about the song.

"No, I never liked windy cities, but I think maybe when you're with me, I like everywhere," the "Senorita" singer sang as fans continued to applaud.

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Singer Camila Cabello looked ethereal in a delicate silver gown with tulle overlay AFP/Getty Images

However, the "Senorita" singers' love-life was not the only point of discussion at the event. Since her epic fall during her performance at Apple Music's New Music Daily concert, it stole Mendes's thunder. Later in an Instagram story, the singer assured her fans that she is fine and only regrets that the audience did not have a camera to capture the moment.

"The rumors are true. I fell on my f**king a*s tonight. Like, actually, I think the hardest fall I've ever had. It was like about 6 foot, 7 foot fall. But I didn't feel it because the adrenaline was so high. The adrenaline is so high on stage that I can probably get hit by a truck and be like, 'you guys having a good time?" Cabello said.