Canadian Journalist Goes Topless During Interview
Lori Welbourne With Mayor Walter Gray Image Credit: YouTube/lolaandliza

Canadian radio host and Province newspaper columnist Lori Welbourne has made it into headlines after she went bare-chested while interviewing a local mayor this week.

Welbourne continued her conversation with the mayor who was visibly shocked after she undid the strap of her dress.

Welbourne and Walter Gray, mayor of Kelowna in British Columbia were discussing women's right to go topless in public if they wished to, when she did the unexpected act.

"Recently, there was a headline about a woman, in New York City, who went to the restaurant and she took her blouse off. And the owner came over and said she can't do that here and asked her to put the blouse back on. Now she said, the law is on my side, I can be wherever and have my top off. Turns out she can't in New York city", Welbourne told Gray.

"Wherever the man can be topless, a woman can be topless too. What are the laws here in Kelowna? What if I went walking down the street topless?" the host of the radio show On The Rocks asked Gray, before requesting him to hold the microphone and going topless.

"What are you doing," Gray asked, to which she replied, "it's really hot in here."

After pausing for a little while as he regained his composure, Gray explained that even if someone is offended by seeing a woman topless in public and if he/she calls the police, there is nothing much the authorities can do. The law does not say that a woman cannot go topless in public.

"So I can go topless here in Kelowna?" Welbourne asked the mayor.

"Well, evidently," said Gray. "I'm not suggesting you should do that but I don't think you'd be committing any crime or breaking any bylaw", he added.

Sunday, 25 August was Go Topless Day in cities across North America. Welbourne's interview with Gray was in anticipation of the event.

[Video Credit: YouTube/lolaandliza]