The judge ordered Collet Stephan to post the sentencing decision to Facebook and other social media accounts affiliated with the family iStock

A Canadian woman accused of allowing her infant son to die from meningitis faces a possible jail term for not posting the sentencing judge's ruling to Facebook.

In June, Collet Stephan and husband David Stephan were charged with failing to provide "necessities of life" to their 19-month-old son Ezekiel after he fell ill with bacterial meningitis in 2012. The toddler eventually died from the infection after the couple ignored advice to seek medical treatment for their son, and instead tried to cure him with naturopathic remedies, including garlic and horseradish.

For failing to properly treat their son, David Stephan was sentenced to four months in prison while wife Collet was sentenced to three months of house arrest. David Stephan was handed a harsher sentence after the judge deemed he showed a complete lack of remorse for his son's death.

As part of the sentencing decision, Justice Rodney Jerke also ordered Collet Stephan to post unedited copies of the ruling to social media accounts and websites associated with the family, including a Facebook page set up in memory of Ezekiel's death.

Called Prayers For Ezekiel, the page largely consists of conspiratorial claims about the circumstances of the child's death, and attempts to shift the blame to medical staff. It also alleges that courts withheld evidence, falsified reports and censored witnesses that presumably would have cleared the couple of guilt.

According to News.com.au, Collet Stephan was given 90 days to comply with the June 24 ruling, although she has yet to post the sentencing decision to Facebook. Lawyers say the mother could be sent to jail if she refuses carry out the judge's orders.

A number of pages have been set up in support for the couple since being charged, including a fundraising page called "Stand for Truth".