‘Village of the Damned’: German Village Cursed with Cancer
‘Village of the Damned’: German Village Cursed with Cancer Reuters

We live in a cancer-stricken world... almost everybody knows of at least a handful of friends or family members who have been so unfortunate as to have been struck down with the disease.

Do you, however, know of an entire village that has cancer?!

In what must be a unique occurrence, a village in Germany has almost every resident in an household suffering from cancer!

The disease has struck the villagers of Wewelsfleth (a population of 1,500) and has resulted in it being tagged as the "Village of the Damned".

"It feels like a curse," said the village's mayor Ingo Karstens, who has lost two wives to cancer, to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Lubeck investigated the phenomenon and found cases of breast, lung, oesophageal, womb and stomach cancer... but no cause.

The residents, however, blame three nearby nuclear power plants and a shipyard where vessels are reportedly sprayed with toxic paint. They say the wind and the rain blow such cancer-causing particles into their homes.

Experts have investigated the nuclear plants, the shipyard, the asbestos sheeting used on roofs, electro-smog from power lines and the lifestyle of the cancer patients but cannot find any specific link.

The residents of the village, those that are still surviving, have demanded that the health authorities in Berlin commission another study to find the root cause of the mysterious cancer... before the village dies.