Ant-Man Spider-Man Easter Egg
Spider-Man and some of the heroes in or soon-to-be-in the MCU Marvel

Marvel and its Cinematic Universe are all set to go through a transition phase of sorts with Captain America: Civil War. The Avengers roster is to be reshuffled with new heroes like Black Panther, Spider-Man and existing characters like Ant-Man, The Winter Soldier coming into the fold.

Civil War director-duo Joe and Anthony Russo recently spoke about the most eagerly-awaited addition to the superhero team, Spider-Man, and discussed how Marvel's take on Spidey will differ from earlier versions: (via Screenrant)

"Sometimes there's an old-fashioned patina to the tone of who Spider-Man is. We wanted to think about who is Spider-Man today if he's living in Queens, what's the texture of his life like, what's the texture of his relationship with his aunt who lives with him. How can we make the relationship and character very contemporary? That's our goal with the character."

Another very exciting aspect to Spidey's role in the film will be his interaction with the senior members of The Avengers — like Cap and Tony Stark. Earlier rumours even indicated that Peter Parker will be first seen in the film, fighting crime in a homemade costume. However, it is Stark who hooks him up with the cool Spidey suit. If true, it will be rather interesting to see what look Marvel's Spider-Man carries in the upcoming film.

Captain America: Civil War is slated to be released on 6 May 2016.