Captain America
After being a part of the franchise for five years, is it time for Marvel to give the Black Widow a film of her own? Marvel Studios

Executive producer of Captain America: Civil War, Nate Moore, has revealed why the Black Widow will be on Iron Man's side in the conflict, instead of taking up for her friend Steve Rogers. In the movie, the US government's plan of taking over control of the Avengers leads to rift between the superheroes. They split up and form teams, one consists of those who are in favour of the government's regulations, while the other is against it.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Now, Moore has revealed why Scarlett Johansson's character sides by Tony Stark. "...Black Widow teaming with Iron Man. I think it was unexpected even for us but as we talked about it from a storytelling point of view, it really made sense because I think Black Widow is more pragmatic than we give her credit for," Moore told

"And sometimes she's looking at the solutions from a different angle than Tony Stark [aka Iron-Man], who's very emotional. Even though they don't react to the same things, in the same way, their conclusion that they came to ended up being the same. So it really was talking each character through like that to figure out who would end up where."

In one of the recent trailers, the Black Widow tells Captain America: "I know how much Bucky [aka Winter Soldier] means to you. Stay out of this one. Please you will only make this worse." To which Captain America replies, "You saying you will arrest me."

Beside the conflict between the two group of Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr, will also come in direct conflict over Bucky's relationship with the former.

In the movie, the Black Widow does not possess superhuman powers like Captain America nor does she have a special metal armoured suit like Iron Man. But she does have a pragmatic mind and great fighting skills.

The movie opens in theatres in the US on 6 May.