Ms Marvel Avengers
Carol Danvers, aka Ms Marvel in the comic series. Marvel Comics

The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be getting its first super-powered female superhero sooner than expected if current rumours are to be believed.

According to Bleeding Cool, Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, is set for an appearance in next year's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Their report comes following a piece published about Marvel comic book properties set for cancellation. X-Force, All-New Invaders, Elektra and Secret Avengers are all singled out for the axe but when it came to Captain Marvel they weren't so sure, saying it "deserves its own article".

It is in that follow-up article that Bleeding Cool says: "Yes, Captain Marvel as Carol Danvers will be appearing in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which might boost the sales of the comic book."

With all the recent news surrounding Marvel's comic book movies – highlighted by last week's release of the first trailer for the Avengers sequel – it appears the movie world is gearing up for a big announcement.

Tonight at 7pm (GMT) Marvel will be holding a special event in Los Angeles that many believe is where it will formally announce its full slate of movies for its Phase Three of filmmaking. Each phase is taking place between Avengers movies.

Captain Marvel has long been rumoured to be one of these films.

Benedict Cumberbatch was revealed last night to be the front-runner for Doctor Strange, and Robert Downey Jr's appearance in Captain America 3 has yet to be officially revealed. A clip from Age of Ultron will also air tonight during Marvel's TV series Agents of Shield.