Car production rose by more than a quarter in June according to the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

The SMMT said that in June 117,938 cars were produced, up 28.6 per cent. In the year to date car production was up 55 per cent to 636,660. Of the cars produced in June 71.8 per cent were exported while of cars produced in the year to date 71.7 per cent were exported.

The number of commercial vehicles produced in June rose 24.9 per cent to 10,656, of which 68.4 per cent were exported. In the year to date production of commercial vehicles rose 49.6 per cent to 64,606 of which 69.7 per cent were exported.

The total number of engines produced in June rose 18.1 per cent to 237,655, of which 71.1 per cent were exported. In the year to date engine production rose 35.3 per cent to 1,269,824, of which 72.9 per cent were exported.

Paul Everitt, Chief Executive of the SMMT, said, "UK automotive production rose in June with steady improvement across the car, commercial vehicle and engine sectors against a weak 2009.

"Continued investment in new products and technology is helping to sustain growth for the sector while rising demand from export and home markets is maintaining momentum. The coming months remain uncertain and sustaining economic recovery in major markets around the world remains the industry's top priority."