Hollywood couldn't write soap operas better than this!

The on-again-off-again, will-he-won't-he, will-they-won't they see-saw that has characterised every second of the Carlos Tevez and Manchester City saga since the renegade Argentinean forward reportedly refused to come on as a substitute during his club's Champions League game away to Bayern Munich.

That resulted in disciplinary hearings, accusations, counter-accusations, fines, suspensions, public spats and a general airing of dirty laundry in public.

Recently reports suggested City's manager, Roberto Mancini, was willing to forgive and forget (if Tevez was ready to apologise) and re-instate the player to first-team action. At the time, incidentally, Tevez was on AWOL in Argentina, with his family, playing golf every day.

All seemed rosy... so Tevez and co. packed their bags and set course for Manchester, when a third (fourth? fifth?) spat broke out.

You see... on Monday, in a Fox Sports Latin America interview, Tevez claimed Mancini treated him "like a dog". Hardly the best way to make up with your employers... especially when you're due to arrive at your club's training grounds in the next few days.

Predictably, City's hierarchy was considerably less than impressed. Mancini was not present when Tevez arrived at the training ground.

Check out these photographs of Tevez and his family at Manchester airport on Feb. 14...