Carlos Tevez
Carlos Tevez is said to have flown back to Argentina to deal with the situation

The father of former Premier League footballer Carloz Tevez has been kidnapped in Argentina, according to reports.

Argentinean media are reporting the former Manchester United and Manchester City striker's father was kidnapped near Moron in western Buenos Aires after the suspects stopped the car in which he was travelling.

The kidnappers are now asking for ransom money for the Juventus striker's father, but reports suggest they did not know his identity at the time of the kidnapping.

The suspects are alleged to have since asked for a higher some of money once they realised he was Tevez's father. It is suspected they only originally targeted him because he was in an expensive car.

According to Italian media, Tevez has already left the country for Argentina to deal with the demands.

Tevez's lawyer, Gustavo Galasso, told the Gazzetta: "The family is appalled. We have to wait and see what happens with the situation. Carlos is not here with us."

Tevez posted a photograph on him and his father on Twitter for his birthday in March.