Ferrari fans can rejoice! A museum complex dedicated to Enzo Ferrari and his Prancing Horse has been declared open. The museum is at Ferrari's birthplace and location of his first workshop, in Modena.

"It is with great satisfaction and enthusiasm that, after years of intense work by the Fondazione Casa di Enzo Ferrari, we are on the point of inaugurating this important cultural asset, that will tell the world the story of this great figure and the vocation for motoring of this area," Mauro Tedeschini, President of the Fondazione Casa di Enzo Ferrari said in the official site.

The complex started with the house that Enzo Ferrari was born in, back in 1898, as its base. The house has been preserved since that time and a new building has been added - in the form of now famous yellow aluminum "bonnet", which is the symbolic colour of Modena and the colour chosen by Enzo Ferrari as the background to the Prancing Horse, the trademark of the company that bears his name.

The stars of the new gallery will be the cars... representatives of great Italian names from the most prestigious collections and museums... exhibited as works of arts. The vehicles will be surrounded by showcases containing historic documents, objects and memorabilia, with the contribution of original audio-visual footage that reconstructs the identity of Motor Valley of Emilia Romagna which, with time, acquired international importance.

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