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"The key assets in our business are distribution and brand. Developing distribution in export markets, opening representative offices, and concluding contracts, where the main investment is the consumers access to the product," says the owner of Global Spirits company, Ukrainian businessman Evgeniy Chernyak.

The Global Spirits case is unique and indicative as an example of successful implementation of export market entry strategy, systematic planning, and strategic management. Currently, it is the only Ukrainian company producing original American craft whiskey in America, in the state of Florida, and classic bourbon in the state of Kentucky. The company produces Botanical Gin in Italy, Caribbean rum in the Dominican Republic, and tequila made from 100% agave in Mexico.

Ukrainian Businessman Evgeniy Chernyak
Ukrainian Businessman Evgeniy Chernyak Evgeniy Chernyak

The company is constantly involved in collecting and analyzing analytical data affecting the results. The systematic process of developing new products, categories, increasing the effectiveness of export strategy, increasing market share, and searching for new business solutions corresponds to the life position of the businessman himself and the top managers of the company – systematic stepping out of the comfort zone.

"In 2024, we launched the production of energy drinks (a growing market) in Poland. We launched the production of water and lemonades under our own brand Gudauri in Georgia. Currently, we are preparing to launch wine production in Australia and New Zealand, production starts on September 10, and blends are already paid for and stored in barrels," shares Evgeniy Chernyak's strategic successes.

According to him, the company has changed its distribution algorithm and no longer outsources export activities. Global Spirits is building its distribution, as in America, where the holding has its own official representation, and the sales growth for the year 2023 amounted to +21%.

"To achieve this level of efficiency, the company has gone its own unique way. At the end of 2012, I realized that the American market is the most interesting and promising, I spent a lot of time here, just being in retail points. I watched what people buy, how they buy, how they make decisions, whether the price matters, what amount of repeat purchases, what motive," recalls Chernyak.

The products of Global Spirits company appeared on the American market already in 2013 and now, after 11 years, the cognac produced by the company at the Odessa Cognac Factory, known for its unique spirits and legendary history, is successfully sold in 22 states of America. The most popular brands in the American market are Khor vodka, Pervak vodka, Leaf vodka, Krol vodka, Ameris Gin, Por La Gente Tequila, Del Dueño rum and Odessa brandy. This success became real thanks to the quality and effective distribution strategy of the company.

"Exactly at the moment when I understood what the American consumer needed, I decided to start here and invest money," says the businessman, emphasizing that Americans are very rational people, on whom advertising of food products almost does not work, despite its unimaginable volumes in the market.

But the practically Hollywood success story began long before that. Using the same principle, the businessman acted in preparing his first commercial project. It was a small trading area with a limited range of goods, mainly related to impulse purchases - chewing gum, snacks, Pepsi, beer (a fairly popular form of entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine). From a small personal business, the businessman managed to extract the maximum possible profit. Literally within a month, the trading point brought in the first serious revenue of $1,000. The entire cash flow was invested in scaling up. Using his unique talent as a strategist, Chernyak managed to expand the business to 17 points and obtain capital to move to the next level. This is when the vision of business in a new range of activities, on a large scale, and with serious prospects emerged.

In 2003, the first batch of products came off the conveyor of the Zaporozhye liquor and vodka plant, which subsequently became known worldwide and a cult brand for Ukrainian consumers - Khortytsa. From this moment, the business history "on a large scale" for Evgeniy began.

The tools for transitioning to this level were clearly understood stages of process management, partnership relations, and financial planning. Delving into business processes down to the smallest detail is a habit of the businessman. He regularly visits production, always communicates with people, at absolutely different levels of subordination, from technologists to loaders, to identify possible problems, discuss ideas personally, and feel the atmosphere. Thanks to this, Chernyak managed to create the architecture of the Global Spirits holding, specializing in the production and sale of alcoholic, and now non-alcoholic, beverages, amidst economic crisis and total instability.

The company is the most powerful representative of the industry in Europe and confidently approaches a similar status in the American market. The portfolio of the most famous brands includes "Khortytsa", "Shustoff", "Oreanda", "Pervak", "Morosha", "San Marino", "Royal King Gin", "Del Dueno", "Ameris", "Bell Rock". The company's products are exported to markets in 87 countries worldwide, and its own representations are opened in Ukraine, the USA, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Having reached such a level, Evgeniy Chernyak is also open to communication and shares personal cases with ambitious entrepreneurs who are starting this great journey on his platform, the Big Money project. By launching an unconventional project with a quite bold naming, Evgeniy Chernyak essentially opened access to invaluable experience and phenomenal knowledge, which is a great rarity for businessmen of such a level.

Also, Evgeniy Chernyak has detailed his principles and basic laws of business in the series of books "Big Money". He formulated 48 laws of power, knowledge of which will allow significant progress in business. The entrepreneur also elaborated on the basic principles of starting one's own business, which every newcomer should know. It's not about motivation; the books are a concentrate of tools, real and concrete steps, allowing to start your own business, avoiding common mistakes. The businessman elaborates on the important "pitfalls" of entrepreneurial activity and alternative solutions.

In each new video and in his books, the businessman provides his audience with added value of his own path and his colleagues - influential businessmen, vividly confirming that the path to the Forbes rating is open to everyone, one just needs to start working and stepping out of their comfort zone.