Now that macOS Catalina is officially on a lot of user's systems, Apple can finally gather data regarding its performance and user feedback as well. Just like any major software update, there are bound to be some bugs or crashes that could alter the experience. Unfortunately, version 10.15 of the operating system is reportedly causing problems for users who rely on certain applications for various tasks. The Cupertino-based tech outfit allegedly issued a warning to hold off updating until an overlooked issue is resolved.

Forbes reports that Apple acknowledges its latest software is far from perfect and advises users to refrain from updating their computers until the matter is resolved. It appears that DJs and other professionals who depend on the platform and its applications for music are the most affected by the changes. macOS Catalina effectively removes iTunes from the system, which seems to be the cause of concern.

Users have been using iTunes since it debuted in 2001 to catalogue music and other multimedia files. The app relies on an XML database to index everything, but the new apps that replace it supposedly have no way to access the information.

According to The Verge, even third-party DJ apps also use XML to read playlists, import and locate specific tracks during a performance. Therefore, the only workaround Apple has right now is to have these users stay on Mojave.

Apart from iTunes' removal, macOS Catalina likewise disables support for 32-bit applications. Users do not have a visual cue as to what apps are 32-bit and which ones are on 64-bit. Moreover, there could be some programs that do not have 64-bit versions just yet, which puts the user in a difficult spot if they need it. Then there are compatibility issues with certain iOS apps, which adds to the list of troubles that plague the update.

In contrast to all of the technical woes, macOS Catalina brings to the table, features such as Sidecar that help boost productivity. Mac users can finally use their iPads wirelessly or through USB as a secondary screen. Users should wait for Apple to communicate if the operating system is finally optimised.

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