Crypto Coins Enterprise Denmark Aps (CCEDK), a startup service provider focused on crowdfunding, is using Steemit, the decentralised social media platform that returns value to the people who provide contributions by rewarding them with virtual currency, to launch "Projects Corner".

CCEDK, which operates the OpenLedger platform, said Projects Corner (a reference to Hyde Park's Speakers' Corner) means "having a chance to present your project in public, getting feedback and comments telling you if you got it all right or need to go back to the drawing board for a rewrite.

"Steemit allows you to have the replies and interaction giving you that extra kick to surpass the initial stage of not knowing what you have, until you're told. Steem your way to crowdfunding, or make money trying - Upvoting is Steem!" said a post by CCEDK.

This session ends July 31st at Midnight GMT. "We give you one week on Steem to 'sell' your project to an increasing amount of demanding and potential users of your product, and through their upvotes and sharing of this post decide who gets a shot at getting their project listed as LIVE ICO on CCEDK .

CCEDK said project-bearing hopefuls can begin by replying to the post, then signing up with Steemit and also start tweeting about their project and using any social media means available. Even if you don't make it to the final stages, you will make money trying, thanks to repeated upvotes and sharing, said the post.

Ronny Boesing, chief executive officer of CCEDK, said: "The total amount of Steem dollars achieved by the time of Midnight July 31st, is the amount entering into a monthly runnerup of four projects, competing last week of August for a chance of getting crowdfunded via an ICO launched on OpenLedger taking place exactly two months later for a consecutive four weeks with full media coverage and worldwide attention.

"If you win you agree to include the Steem dollars achieved as part of the costs to cover the campaign. If you don't, you can walk away with hopefully enough to keep on working on your project."

Boesing said the last part of the selection process requires participants to undergo a validation process confirming their full identity. "It might be a good time if not already to create a linkedin profile as well. We believe in full transparency on all fronts and it is of course essential to present your project best possible to the world," he said.